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                                                       Polcies and Procedures 

The policies and procedures outlined serve as a guide for first-time and regular clients. 

We understand that unanticipated events occur in our everyday life; unforseen events such as illness, traffic, business meetings, daycare issues, project deadlines among others. My committment is to provide an outstanding experience to all of my clients and to honor our therapist's time , I have adopted the following policies: 

Arrival for your Massage

Please plan to arrive for your massage 10 minutes prior to your starting time  to allow time for paperwork (new clients), and to allow time for changing, settling in on the table in preparation for your massage. Arriving early allows for a more relaxed experience. If late arrival is inevitable, your massage may end at the scheduled end time to ensure the schedule of another client is not disrupted. Sometimes, I may be able to complete a full session, but its not guaranteed. Full payment is still expected for the shorter session. 

Cancellation policy

I require a minimum of 24 hour notice on appointment reschedule and cancellations, giving me enough time to fill that appointment. Otherwise, the full payment for that session will be expected. If a client has purchased a package, the session may  simply be forfeited. All late cancellations and no shows will be billed 100% of my posted rate , at my discretion that may be waived if  the time can be filled with another paying client. Late arrivals receive what is left of the appointment time with a full charge fee. If schedules are flexible that day the full time may be given at my discretion.

No Show Policy 

Clients who fail to show for an appointent will be charged the full posted rate and may be required to pre pay for their future sessions. Clients with a Groupon voucher or Gift Certificate will forfeit the use of these documents in the future. 

Other Massage Policies

Confidentiality and Conversation

Any and all discussions between the massage therapist and the client are confidential. The singular exception are the medical notes or records  requested by an attorney or other such surrogate for the client for which a signed agreement to share those records has been provided by the client under the HIPPA laws. 

Informed Consent 

Prior to your massage, the treatment plan will be discussed. On the first visit, an intake form will be required to obtain any relevent medical conditions, as well as client preferences and you will be asked to sign the consent that you have read the information, understand it and agree to comply with the professional massage therapy policies and procedures. Clients not seen in a year will be required to fill out or update a new form. 

Scope of Practice 

I am a licensed massage therapist, upheld to the highest standards by my licensure in the State of Connecticut and a long term member of the American Massage Therapy Association ( AMTA ) .

Practitioners of Massage Therapy  apply manual techniques along with adjunctive therapies ( Reiki, Aroma Therapy, Sound Therapy ) with the intention of supporting  the health and well-being of the client. A Massage thereapist does not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions, nor are they allowed to provide treatment for specific serious medical conditions without a doctor's supervision. 

Respect for Client Needs and Boundaries 

I am always happy to make adjustments in the rooms ligting, temperature, blankets, music volume, scents, draping styles, a specific color if I have it available, pressure, or work in specific areas of pain. Client is always draped and only areas being worked on are exposed. 

Requests for "no draping", or other inappropriate sexual requests will not be tolerated. The session will end immediately , the client will be required to pay for session and will be discharged immediately from my practice. 

Clients under the age of 18 require a legal guardian present. 

Existing and New Medical Conditions

It is the client's responsibility to complete intake form with truthful information and to continue to update the therapist with any new medical conditions. If needed written permission from the physician, chiropractor or physical therapist. 

Please do not get massage if you have any of the following condtions:


Infectious disease

Systemic Infection

Blood Clot ( without Doctor's permission ) 

Open skin lesions

Fracture, bleeding, burns or other injury ( not yet treated ) 

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