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Feeling Disconnected?
Are You Struggling With Connection To Yourself & Other People In Your Universe? 

Welcome to Body In Balance, a holistic approach to healthier living. Created in 2009 and located in Rocky Hill, CT.
I offer a one stop shop for all things health, wellness, fitness, massage and education.

What Makes Me Different?







​​I’m not your typical practitioner, I have so much more to offer. Connection is a HUGE value for me. I feel that learning to “feel “in the body is the best way to connection. We live in a very disconnected world and my passion is to help bring connection back into the body. I help people translate what their pain, stress and overwhelm are really trying to tell them so they can make changes that  lead to having more balance and harmony.


88% of females experience tension headaches.


Over 75% of adults report physical or emotional symptoms of stress such as headaches, tiredness and changed sleeping patterns.



Approximately 70% of American adults use massage therapy for health purposes.

Around 77% of employees experience physical effects of stress.


88% of consumers agree that massage can be effective in reducing pain.



Chronic stress is commonplace at work with 94% of workers reporting feeling stress at work.


Karine W, East Hampton, CT

Cheri gives wonderful therapeutic massages. She is very professional and knows her trade exceptionally well. She's also a wonderful caring person with a very healing energy that transpires through her massages.

I have found Cheri's massage to be healing and deeply relaxing. She has assisted me throughout the last several months as my mom declined- I have stayed well. Cheri has shown an interest in my own healing work and has encouraged me to begin to step out.

Cheri is awesome!  She asks the right questions to target exactly your issues.  I feel so relaxed after her massages!  She even offers information to help you manage concerns after your appointment.  Can’t say enough good things about her massages!

Marian H, Rocky Hill, CT

Doreen G

Sherry C

You walk into a very inviting and peaceful atmosphere and Cheri greets you and inquires if you have any concerns or if anything specifically needs to be addressed. Cheri is able to get those pesky tight and sore areas to release. Always feel so refreshed and calm when I leave. Looking forward to my next appointment!

I love coming here. Cheri listens to your needs and will help with the areas that are causing discomfort. Her experience and professionalism makes me comfortable and knowing how awesome I feel after. She is worth visiting on a regular basis. My first massage was an lymphatic massage which was in 2018 and I’ve been hooked. She does a great job! I highly recommend her!

Kristin M. Carroll, PT Glastonbury Site Director Eastern Rehabilitation Network, Division of Hartford Hospital

Cheri is an empathetic and caring healthcare professional. Her calm and soothing personality immediately puts you at ease. She educates herself by listening to her client's histories and areas of concern. She has a relaxing negotiating touch that she adjusts to make the massage therapeutic while still being comfortable. She is able to modify her manual techniques easily for clients whose need is relaxation and then to one who needs therapeutic healing. I recommend Cheri to my orthopedic and breast cancer patients as an adjunct to total holistic care.

Tash A

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