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                         What they say about Cheri 

My wife and I have used the massage therapy services of Cheri Ann Garet for four years. We find her massages both therapeutic and revitalizing. Cheri is focused on improving our sessions with each visit and provides a totally healing experience. Her touch is unique in gaining access to tissues requiring therapeutic touch, be it soft or firm. We especially like that she uses essential oils to enhance the massage and incorporates Reiki healing touches where she intuitively recognizes a need.

We find Cheri’s packaged pricing program to be most competitive and efficient for our budgeting purposes. Give Cheri a try and experience how this slight-framed, petite woman, with warm personality, uses her powerful therapeutic hands to heal and transcend you into blissful relaxation.

Lew & Ginny P, Rocky Hill, CT

Cheri is an empathetic and caring healthcare professional. Her calm and soothing personality immediately puts you at ease. She educates herself by listening to her client's histories and areas of concern. She has a relaxing negotiating touch that she adjusts to make the massage therapeutic while still being comfortable. She is able to modify her manual techniques easily for clients whose need is relaxation and then to one who needs therapeutic healing. I recommend Cheri to my orthopedic and breast cancer patients as an adjunct to total holistic care. 

~ Kristin M. Carroll, PT Glastonbury Site Director

Eastern Rehabilitation Network, Division of Hartford Hospital 330 Western Blvd Glastonbury, CT

I have been a client of Cheri's for more than 4 years. One of the two things I value most about her work is her ability to balance the 'hard' side of massage with the 'soft'. What I mean by 'hard' is the strength to focus to work deep and find spots that hurt or ache. By 'soft' I mean the sensitivity to know when an area needs gentleness rather than force. She can do this because when she gives a massage she is paying attention in both the hard and soft sides of her work. I have the reassuring experience of being both understood and accepted. Another aspect of Cheri's work that I find exceptional is her ability to create a sense of safety. When I get a massage, one of the rewards is that I can just relax and feel what I feel. Cheri is able to combine genuine compassion with a professionalism that insures my privacy. There are other things I appreciate about her work. She is open to feedback. If she happens to apply too much or too little pressure, I feel free to let her know. She also appears to really enjoy her work . It is oddly reassuring to have someone else enjoy helping me re-discover my appreciation of my body

. ~ Dr. Allen Maryott

Rocky Hill Chiropractic Center, 35 Cold Spring Road Rocky Hill, CT

I started improving my general health many years ago focusing on nutrition, cardio and working out regularly. For the past 5 years I have also included massage therapy in my wellness plan. Before I started getting massages regularly my body was tighter than a drum. My flexibility was non-existent. I find that massage has not only addressed my issues with flexibility and muscle tightness but my stress level has diminished immensely. But that wasn’t the case at when I started…


When I first started getting massages I moved from one massage therapist to another. Some of the massage therapists seemed distant, almost mechanical. Others appeared distracted or uninterested. I was never really satisfied with the results I was getting. Although I felt the immediate relief from muscle tightness, I wasn’t getting that feeling of relaxation and calmness. And then I met Cheri…

A year and a half ago I walked into Cheri’s office. We sat for a few minutes over introductions and some idle chatter. I found this very pleasant as it made the appointment more personal, not just a scheduled event. When we were about to begin the massage, Cheri asked about my general health and if I had any specific areas that required attention. She explained what she was going to do and made sure I was comfortable before she started. At this moment her knowledge and professionalism became very apparent to me.

During the massage I could feel the tension leaving my body. My mind, which was racing with thoughts of work and things I needed to do, cleared. Unbeknownst to me, Cheri was attending to areas that I didn’t realize are the source of my soreness and tension. After the massage was over, I felt amazing. It was the best massage I had ever received. When we talked afterward, Cheri asked how I was feeling and we chatted some more. I was not being rushed out the door, which indicated to me that our time was important to her as well. There was an immediate connection between Cheri and I and that was exactly what I was looking for. It is important to me that we have this connection as it means we are both invested in my well-being. I am not just another client or appointment for her. I scheduled my next massage before I left.

I’ve been meeting with Cheri every other week ever since. Not only do I look forward to the massage but talking with her as well. I can tell Cheri anything knowing that it is held in the highest confidence regardless if it is related to work or something personal. Sometimes it’s nice to just get things off your chest without being judged. Cheri shows interest in what I have to say and makes me feel totally comfortable, like a trusted friend.

When I leave my sessions with Cheri I am calm and relaxed. Those who know me and know I get regular massages notice this. My boys always comment on how relaxed I am at home. My coworkers know when I’ve gotten a massage because I am calmer during stressful situations and joke with me when I’m a little testy asking me if I have an appointment scheduled.

George  B, Rocky Hill, CT

Cheri, I want to thank you very much for helping me get through my job every week while I was in CT. I have trouble finding a massage therapist who has the knowledge to work the areas I have issues with. My job & knee surgery caused "muscle cramps" that were unbearable at times. I can't thank you enough for the professional therapy & the knowledge of techniques that were used to alleviate my pain which helped me get through each week. Your knowledge of my particular issues and how to resolve them has made my life so comfortable.. I feel NORMAL once again. We take life for granted until you loose each day due to the pain. Only then can you understand & really appreciate what feeling NORMAL is & that it is possible to achieve it again.   Thank you so much, words can't explain the comfort I finally feel.

~ Jon Monro Jr. Center Conway, NH

I have found Cheri's massage to be healing and deeply relaxing. She has assisted me throughout the last several months as my mom declined- I have stayed well. Cheri has shown an interest in my own healing work and has encouraged me to begin to step out. 

~Marian H, Rocky Hill, CT 

Before experiencing my first session with Cheri, I was skeptical of phrases like "healing energy" and "chakra balancing". I thought it was just a lot of hype. However, after several months of treatments, I have become a believer. While it might not be noticeable to an observer, there is definitively an exchange of energies that is more than just skin-deep during a massage, if both parties are open to it. The touch of skin to skin is a very intimate contact rarely experienced outside of the bedroom, and in the right state of mind, even a completely professional touch can be highly rewarding and energizing.

Cheri provides an environment where I can truly be myself, without worrying about judgement, without needing to be careful of what I say or how I say it...I can be me, vulnerable, with my strengths and weaknesses, and I know she will always be there for my well-being. When I leave her studio, it is always with a deep sense of relaxation and heightened levels of energy. I am better prepared to deal with the curve balls that sometimes life throws at us. 

I highly recommend Cheri for her healing touch and her professional attention to a client's specific needs. 

~Bob D, Meriden, CT 

I found Cheri through a Groupon deal earlier this year, and I'm glad I did. I've been going to her every 1.5 months for stress reduction and also to improve a shoulder injury that I sustained last year. Cheri uses different massage techniques to address my specific issue and it not only feels better right after my appointment, but in the weeks following.

It's very clear that Cheri cares about her clients' overall well being by offering nutritional advice as well as a unique perspective on health in general. She takes her time with each appointment and I've never once felt rushed out the door. I will continue seeing Cheri for the many benefits which Hands That Heal provides.

~Joe L

Luckily, I found Cheri three years ago through a Groupon. Cheri is THE BEST. I went in with an injury from an accident that just wouldn't improve. Ever since fall 2012 I've been getting massages from Cheri every other week and my pain has definitely improved significantly. My regular visits to Cheri keep me balanced and best of all, I feel great after she "works her magic." The results have been long lasting.
Cheri is a fabulous massage therapist. I've been getting massages for at least 20 years and it took me quite a while to find Cheri after my therapist moved out of state. 
Cheri is a woman of integrity and has a tremendous health and wellness knowledge base.
She is truly a friend not just my massage therapist. 
Her new office is so quiet and peaceful. Get your body to Cheri's office and you'll be hooked on her massages.

~Marg S, Wethersfield, CT

Cheri gives wonderful therapeutic massages. She is very professional and knows her trade exceptionally well. She's also a wonderful caring person with a very healing energy that transpires through her massages.

~Karine W, East Hampton, CT 

As a full time working Mom, my days are pretty much non-stop.   From getting the family up and ready, to making lunches, driving to after school activities, making dinner, managing the household duties and of course going to work each day – only to repeat it all day after day can be a little stressful and  sure takes a lot out of me.  I know I need to keep myself healthy by being mindful of my healthy habits and self-care, to keep up this pace and keep my family happy which is my #1 priority. That is why I make it a point to get massage at least once a month.  Cheri listens to my concerns much like a coach and understands exactly what I need in my session and will customize my massage to meet the needs or self-care goals I have on that particular day. Whether it’s pain or stress management, or just simply to wind down, I am confident I will get what I need to feel refreshed again and ready to take on my role as a mother and wife, and do what I love most. If you see yourself in this testimonial, I highly recommend you go get a massage with Cheri. I can guarantee you that she truly cares about her clients and goes out of her way to know you and  to make sure you experience the benefits you are looking for.


Dena B, Rocky Hill 

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