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Getting Grounded

Find yourself stressed, lost in your thoughts and out of touch with the present moment, but haven’t found a mindfulness practice that works for you ? If you want to reconnect with the moment, get your attention away from your head and get back into your senses, grounding techniques can be a great alternative.

This method takes its inspiration from nature and has ancient roots. Yoga features tree pose (Vrksasana) where you practice standing like a tree, and likewise, Qi Gong often uses Zhan Zhuang, roughly translated as “post standing” or “standing like a tree.” This metaphor is used in various traditions because of our affinity with it. When we practice standing like a tree, we borrow its nature, if just for a moment. Your legs and torso become the trunk, your arms, and head, the branches. This helps you feel steady, stable, and still.

Here’s a basic, informal grounding method:

· Stand upright with your feet parallel to each other about shoulders' width apart. Your head should float above your shoulders, not too far forward or back, with your chin lightly tucked.

· Loosely rest your arms by your sides.

· Feel the weight of your body, sensing it sink into your feet—keeping proper posture—and feeling your weight being supported and absorbed into the ground.

· Now, imagine this weight passing through the floor, out of your feet like you’re growing roots. Imagine actual roots extending beneath you deep down into the earth.

· Breathe deeply and slowly as you continue to visualize your connection and oneness with the earth.

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