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My Why

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

I enjoyed a successful career as an entrepreneur in Sales and Marketing for 25 years. My days in these roles were often intense, required long days and deadlines, I sat in front of a computer and phone and I found myself physically stressed and emotionally drained most days. After a long day, I came home and was "mom" to a beautiful young lady. To say I was stretched to my max was an understatement. My sleep was often interrupted, I didn't eat well and when all of it caught up with me ... I knew something had to change.

I began my journey exploring yoga, retreats and meditation which led me to massage (some time out for myself). I began to feel good and developed a true passion for self-care, I enjoyed more physical activities, I got better sleep and overall my life va

stly improved.... which led me to massage school and eventually my massage career..

I love helping people feel good in their bodies.... I am not just a massage therapist, I am an advocate for relaxation, for happiness, for peace of mind and for self-care. I believe that taking care of oneself is the key to having the healthiest life possible. I do believe that our society values business and productivity and places less value on “ taking a breath “ and unplugging from life.... I would like to be a part of

changing that for as many people as possible.

I've seen within myself that when I value myself to take that break... that I am able to give so much more to the things in life that I love particularly my massage clients and my volunteering which are important to me. My goal is to help people get to that place within themselves, where they are happy and healthy so that they can enjoy th

ose things that are most important in their lives too.

I want to support you..... Let me be that voice in your ear, reminding you to take time for yourself.... Let me support you on your journey to being a happier healthier human being and of course I want so much to remind you that “YOU are valuable “and so worth taking time for yourself.

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